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How it is going

Admin NOVA Web Development • Mar 07, 2022


Hello Everyone! My name is Johanna Garay, I am the new organizer for NOVALACIRO. I'll be posting about our progress as an organization.

Heylin and Jeff, our vice president and treasurer had helped me adjust to my new role and get into the swing of things. I have …

Mujeres Manos a la Obra Virginia Cleaning Coop

Heylin Rodriguez • Jun 21, 2021

  • The name change.
  • The process with the lawyers.
  • The registration of the Cooperative.

The changes that the cooperative had to go through were a bit big and took more time. For example, we had the idea that the cooperative would be called Dulce Hogar Virginia but that was not possible. …

Having a Meeting and Taking Notes.
  • Fostering collaboration: Meeting with different organizations and cooperatives
  • Entering the local market: Looking for opportunities in restaurants, schools, and churches.

Let's start this blog by talking about how the cooperative's outreach plan began. We informed BCI and Dulce Hogar DC that we would begin …

Practicing Principle Number 6 of Cooperativism

Heylin Rodriguez • Apr 16, 2021

Take a look at the topics we are going to discuss in this blog:

  • BCI Mentor: Creation of the Dulce Hogar VA cooperative
  • Dulce Hogar Washington: Sharing experience on managing the cooperative.
  • Relationship and collaboration between Dulce Hogar VA and NOVALACIRO

As I had explained before, Bianca Vasquez has been …

Internal organization of the cooperative

Heylin Rodriguez • Apr 09, 2021

In this blog we are going to discuss the following;

  • Roles within the cooperative: Distribution of work, schedules, etc.
  • How to distribute profits and expenses?
  • Inventory and equipment
  • Marketing
  • Financial Resources: Medical Insurance, Scholarships, Liability Insurance
  • Geography: Territorial coverage

After several days of training with the worker-owners on the basics …

How has the training been going?

Heylin Rodriguez • Apr 02, 2021


Lorena Contreras, Dilcia Contreras and Anita Maldonado are the new worker owners. A long time ago before the project began, they were the first to be interested in being part of it. In the middle of July came the alliance with Beloved Community Incubator (BCI) and we already counted …

Where we at now?

Heylin Rodriguez • Jan 28, 2021

In mid-August 2020 the organization (NOVALACIRO) had already achieved an alliance with the Beloved Community Incubator in Washington DC. BCI incubated Dulce Hogar Cooperative in Washington DC which today is a success. One day we sent them an email expressing our desire to start a cooperative in Virginia and a …

The Idea of Creating a Coop

Heylin Rodriguez • Dec 02, 2020

How we started...

The idea of creating a cooperative we had had in mind since the beginning of NOVALACIRO. Due to the lack of information and allies, such as other cooperatives or organizations, we could not do it. It was not until October 2019 when Jeff Elkner and I Heylin …

About our organizer

Admin NOVA Web Development • Dec 01, 2020

Heylin Rodriguez is a graduated high school student, who now attends Prince George community college pursuing her educational degree. Heylin works as an organizer at NOVALACIRO because she loves to help the Latino community people. She knows the struggle that many Latinos in northern Virginia, especially undocumented people, do face …