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Mujeres Manos a la Obra Virginia Cleaning Coop

Heylin Rodriguez • Jun 21, 2021

  • The name change.
  • The process with the lawyers.
  • The registration of the Cooperative.

The changes that the cooperative had to go through were a bit big and took more time. For example, we had the idea that the cooperative would be called Dulce Hogar Virginia but that was not possible. From the moment they gave us that news we started looking for new names and the girls made the decision. Now we can call them "Mujeres Manos a la Obra Virginia Cleanig Coop". It can be said that this whole process was not easy, but the owners of the cooperatives took it easy and solved it step by step.

Another important point is that the lawyers have been working very closely with them and have been helping them with this process. Legally they are already registered as "Mujeres Manos a la Obra Virginia Cleaning Coop". The process has been a bit long and it has taken its time but the excitement that very soon they will be able to be working is lived every second. The lawyers have also helped us with the operating agreement which we are finalizing so that it is also ready as soon as possible.

At this time we only need liability insurance and open a bank account. It has been complicated for us because we have had problems obtaining a Tax-Id for the cooperative but we are already working on that so that we can obtain it very soon. At the moment we are already starting to look for contacts in our community since we are sure that the cooperative will be operating very soon. NOVA Web Development has helped us with flyers and they will also help us with the website. For the moment I am sharing this flyer so that we can begin to spread the word in the community.