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Creating a Cleaning Cooperative.


It all started as an idea and then it became a goal for our Organization. In June 2020 we began to seek contacts and alliances with other organizations to carry out our project. The Beloved Community Incubator in Washington DC contacted us after an email sent a month ago. The responses were wonderful, they wanted to help other cooperatives and we needed that alliance to create one.


That was one of the most exciting moments for our organization because at that moment we started working on our project. We had the girls who were interested in the idea and also the desire to work on this.


Today we are moving forward, we have meetings every Wednesday with the girls and Bianca Vasquez from Beloved Community Incubator is guiding Heylin Rodriguez our organizer how to train our leaders.


Most of our women leaders work in cleaning apartments, houses, offices, and buildings. We have started to have meetings with her and they tell us about all the difficulties they have to face in these jobs, such as:


  • Excess work per day
  • Not receiving just or due money.
  • Receive no benefit.


For these reasons, our leaders want to make a personal and professional change!